Start earning with your applications.

Our enthusiastic team can help you get additional profits for downloadable products, Websites and browser extensions. With our technology you will get income without annoying users.

Top standards in software monetization

If you are tired of looking for a reliable monetization partner - it’s time to stop and join us! You will get the highest weekly payouts. Personal account manager will support your every step. You will receive Real-time and up-to-date analysis.

Find more monetization solutions

Our team will help you monetize your software

Keep your focus on producing the highest quality products and we will take care of the rest.

Find more users

Due to our algorithms based on artificial intelligence you will receive a tone of installation, and all your investments will pay off many times.

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Search monetization

Our team will help you expand the possibilities of the application, websites of browser extensions. You will make profit every time you search for a user.

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New system to monetize downloading

Make profit after each download

This is how it works:

1. Download the product

Downloading of the product happens almost instantly due to the fastest server around the world, that we use.

2. The process of installation

Software will be installed automatically in a minutes after downloading. We design each launcher individually for your product.

3. Additional offers

We offer users install additional products, while downloading your software. User can ether agree of disagree with installations.

4. Payment

You will make profit after every complete installation.

More than that, your products will go global

Due to our systems, your products will reach global level and you will receive even more profit after worldwide installations.

You can get online up-to-date analytics

Receive complete information about all the distribution of all your products from more than 30 levels of data based on s2s post-back.

Our team will create a unique individual solution for your products promotion.

We create a unique promotional offer for each one of your product, based on its content. We will find right solution for any product you want to monetize.

MacOS and Windows’s Suggestions

Customers will be able to install all the software for both operating systems.

Easy security management

It’s up to you to allow or deny our toolbar suggestions, extensions, restrictions.

We can help you attract more users

Your products will revive many worldwide installations on Windows or MacOS

Besides, instead of one-time installers, you will get loyal users and customers.

We prefer not to show your offers to the clients, but select the moment, when the client is ready to download the application. We prefer to stay away from aggressive advertising.

No Bots!

We have the multilevel filtering system to eliminate all bots, so our clients only pay for real installations by users who agreed to test their products.

We offer precise targeting!

You can track users by: Operating system, Browser, Country, City and Language. You can also set negative targeting for users who have already installed certain software.

There are 3 simple steps to make your product reach the top position.

1. Introduce the search window

We will help you with developing of your product’s search box. Our team of experts will lead you through all the process, so you need no coding!

2. The search performance

While searching for information and depending on the structure of the search, users are redirected to Yahoo or Bing browser. Otherwise the result will appear in you application.

3. Payment

Every click on advertisement by your customers while searching will bring you profit.

The highest turnover are direct channels!

Since our company only use direct referrals from Yahoo and Bing - we offer you the highest pay. You need no middle man to get maximum profit possible from your products.

You can monetize any product!

We offer custom monetization of any product:
Mobile Applications
Mobile Launches
Browser Extensions

What are you waiting for?

Write us a few sentences about you idea or project, or just send us your contact info and our manager will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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